Here you will find information and pictures about the Tirpitz-LEGO Project. The objective is to build a model of the famous and largest battleship ever build in Germany with LEGO bricks in a 1:48 scale. The model should have all the interieur as best as known and possible and motorized parts like the propellors, the main and second armament, the 10.5' AA guns. All the 22 sections are build seperately and so are the different decks for inside viewing experiences. The model is still unfinished but you may have a look at the current achievement and the progress so far. Regular updates will keep you informed. So come back often if you are interested. If you want to give a hint or if you have something valuable to contribute just contact me. If you just want to say hello it is also o.k. :-) Have fun while watching the pics.
Dec. 27, 2009 (116,809 bricks used)
A very good week with many good results. First of all, the 100,000 parts are reached. In fact I am counting >115,000 parts now. To be closer to the orginal I redesigned the main armorment completely. I splitted the ammunition in shells and cartridges like the orginal. This makes a redesign of the ammo parts and the interieur of the appropriate rooms neccessary. Shells are stored in the lower platform deck, cartridges in the middle platform deck. I found good pictures of the turrets and had to redesign all what have done there right now. Now there are revolving shell and cartridge rings which can be moved independently from the turrets to allow remunitioning while the turrets stay on target. I hope this will work with the real ship model. The 15cm ammunition was also redesigned.
For the hull I reached plate level 79 for all sections and the most difficult part of the main armor deck is done: the floor plan. Black color on the outside is also finished and I continue with light grey since three plate rows. You can see the barbettes for all 10 turrets now, the 38cm and the 15cm.
btw: here are two of the promised water line pics: Pic 1, Pic 2.
The high resolution pics for the upper platform deck will follow tomorrow. Be sure that you do not miss them ;-)
The next update will be in 2010 so I wish you all a happy new year 2010 and thank you very much for your mails and comments!!
Dec. 20, 2009 (94,616 bricks used)
Christmas is coming and there is not much time to build. I installed Windows 7 and lost two days. Furthermore I was away for two days. So no new pictures this week, sorry. I am still raising level to plate row 74/75 on the whole ship and reached section XIV. Expect new pics next week when the upper platform deck is finished. I wish you merry christmas and happy holidays.
Dec. 13, 2009 (90,282 bricks used)
I reached 90,000 bricks this week but things are going slowly at the moment. There is much detail work with the torpedo protection compartments. From section I to VII I reached plate level 74/75. These sections are above the water line now.
Dec. 6, 2009 (83,509 bricks used)
Again some good news. The first draft of the rudders are build and connected to the hull. The rudder engine will be one of the tasks of next week. The stowage, the lower platform deck and the middle platform deck are finished. I will add some high resolution pics under a seperate menu item to show the complete interieur later. The hull is now built up to plate row 65, which is only 4 plate rows below the water line. Expect a waterline pic next week! Outer hull color now changed to black. This will later turn into white, light grey or perhaps a camo theme. Tell me what you think it's best.
Nov. 29, 2009 (71,542 bricks used)
Lots of additional parts this week. I build up to row 57 on sections I to XVII so far. But most important update is the working mechanism to turn the main gun turrets together with the principle layout including ammonition loading trays. Have a look at sections IV and VI as an example. I also fixed a bug on this side so the images should be viewable with Internet Explorer as well. Who the hell had the idea to interprete a "heigth=50%" after a "width=50%" as "heigth=0%" inside a table row at Microsoft (not the image but the table row will be zero). Turn on your brains in Redmond please....And if you found some pages looking strange, use Firefox or whatever to have a better view. I only use very very basic HTML!
Nov. 22, 2009 (55,126 bricks used)
Six additional plate rows and again more than 5,000 bricks have been added to the model last week. The complete floor plan of the middle platform deck is now designed. Now the general hight is 47 plate rows for all sections. I changed the layout of this page a little bit so you can see now two images after the news and two other pictures below the facts sheet.
Nov. 15, 2009 (49,248 bricks used)
Last week I did many corrections on already existing parts of the ship. This took much time and effort but I think it was worth the time. The torpedo protection compartments on the side of the ship was the main thing to build.
On all 22 sections I went up to plate row 41 and so I finished the complete interior of the lower platform deck. What you can see on the picture below is the middle platform deck which I have to populate in the next days/weeks.
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