Here you will find information and pictures about the Tirpitz-LEGO Project. The objective is to build a model of the famous and largest battleship ever build in Germany with LEGO bricks in a 1:48 scale. The model should have all the interieur as best as known and possible and motorized parts like the propellors, the main and second armament, the 10.5' AA guns. All the 22 sections are build seperately and so are the different decks for inside viewing experiences. The model is still unfinished but you may have a look at the current achievement and the progress so far. Regular updates will keep you informed. So come back often if you are interested. If you want to give a hint or if you have something valuable to contribute just contact me. If you just want to say hello it is also o.k. :-) Have fun while watching the pics.
Special thanks to
Jimmy Stewart, who pointed me to the plans of the Greenwich National Maritime Museum and helped me with the differences between Bismarck and Tirpitz
Marcello De Cicco, who pointed me to a very good book about the Bismarck which helped me a lot for creating the decks. As a fellow LEGO ship builder he also gave me some interesting hints.
Acer Aspire 8942 Link
Windows 7 64BitLink
LDraw base installation package Link
- because it is needed to run MLCad
MLCad 3.20 Link
- For designing the LEGO objects virtually.
The unofficial parts library Link
- There are some LEGO parts missing in the reference implementation so for all the special parts the library is very helpful.
LDView 4.1 Link
- For generating some of the pics here. It can handle very large objects so it is possible to create pictures of the whole ship. Thanks to the support when I had a request!
L3P 1.4 beta Link
- To convert the files generated by MLCad into POV files for rendering. There are some bugs in it so there is work to do in the POV files.
L3pao 1.4.2 Link
- Because L3P is a command line tool it is sometimes helpful to have an interface. L3pao can be used for some of the work. I used the beta version and there are some issues to be done in it. So there is still some work to do with the POV files.
- It's a library that helps to create improved rendered files.
POVRay 3.7 beta Link
- For the nice looking rendered pictures. Unfortunately it cannot handle large files do to memory restictions. Would be nice if the developers would fix this problem in one of the next versions.
Corel Photo Paint X4 Link
- To convert the BMP files generated by POVRay into JPG files. That is easy because of the batch process feature built in.
WinSCP Link
- To transfer the files to my web server.
LPub Link
- To generate building instructions out of MLCad files.
Anatomy of the ship: Bismarck Link
- Very, very good resource with many valuable information!!
Planrolle Tirpitz Bernard u. Graefe Verlag (try to search for it) Link Link
Wikipedia Link
Plans of the Tirpitz dated 1943 from the Greenwich National Maritime Museum Link
and all the pictures of the Tirpitz that can be found on the net...
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