Here you will find information and pictures about the Tirpitz-LEGO Project. The objective is to build a model of the famous and largest battleship ever build in Germany with LEGO bricks in a 1:48 scale. The model should have all the interieur as best as known and possible and motorized parts like the propellors, the main and second armament, the 10.5' AA guns. All the 22 sections are build seperately and so are the different decks for inside viewing experiences. The model is still unfinished but you may have a look at the current achievement and the progress so far. Regular updates will keep you informed. So come back often if you are interested. If you want to give a hint or if you have something valuable to contribute just contact me. If you just want to say hello it is also o.k. :-) Have fun while watching the pics.
Tirpitz: Deck door Tirpitz: 38cm Turret with rangefinder Tirpitz: Single bed
Deck door 38cm turret with rangefinder Single bed
Tirpitz: Foremast Tirpitz: Large pump Tirpitz: Switchboard (type 2)
Foremast Large pump Switchboard
Tirpitz heavy Anti Aircraft Tirpitz Bollard Tirpitz Target giver
10.5cm SKC/33 in Dopp LC/31 mount
heavy Anti Aircraft
Bollard Target giver
7m range finder 15" ammunition (shown in one piece and seperated into
shell and cartridge)
Guard rail element
4m range finder 10.5" ammonition storage Tracking board
electrical generator 690kw chair dentist chair
Tirpitz: Bow Anchor Tirpitz: Toilet Tirpitz: 15cm turret with rangefinder
Bow anchor Toilet 15cm turret with rangefinder
Accomodation ladder 20 mm-MG-C/30 Anti Aircraft Propellor left rotation
After 10.5m Rangefinder 160cm Searchlight Control Panel
Double bed Night vision telescope Paravane w mounting
Stern anchor Skylight Washing basin
medium size pump Flagstaff Goods
Auxiliary condensator (half) Shaft guideway Wardrobe
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